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Zakenna's concept for Max Heart.

Zakennas (ザケンナー Zakennā?) are the demonic underlings of the Dotsuku Zone. They are used by the commanders of the Dotsuku Zone to attack Pretty Cure and wreak havoc while in the Garden of Rainbows.

Their normal forms are large, shadowy faces with a large, throbbing temple. Because they have no actual physical form, they can easily shape-shift and take control of ordinary objects in the Garden of Rainbows, instantly doubling their destructive force. Zakennas are also able to take control of humans, though this is rarely seen. The name Zakenna comes from a colloquial, impolite shorthand for "fuzakeruna!" (ふざけるな!"Don't mess with me!" or "Don't mock me!").

Every Zakenna who is defeated by the Pretty Cure turn into many small zakenna stars and run away while saying "Sorry", translated as "Gomen'na" in Japanese.

Butler Zakennas

FwPC ButlerZakenna fullbody.png

Butler Zakennas (執事ザケンナー Shitsuji Zakennā?) are servants and also butlers which come from Dotsuku Zone.

They aren't dangerous, but careful. They care about Hikaru and trust him. They are always handy, and if they see an emergency they get in action. In one episode, when Hikaru was thinking about Hikari and didn't speak to the Zakenna, they kept buying many toys for him to keep him happy.FwPCMH22

They have a sense of humor to entertain people, such as Hikaru. The short blue one can clean anything. He always wears a blue cap. The tall black Zakenna can dust off anything and can make people happy.

In both Seasons that they appear in, their arguing often annoys the residents of the mansion, with them often being very scared of their master's wrath, in particular Regine from the first season, who screams at them often. Belzei Gertrude is often a bit more lenient with them, and Juna is just harsh on them, showing zero mercy for their mistakes. In the second season, they are usually yelled at for their incompetence that often may be dangerous to the boy in the mansion, Hikaru, whom they are often tasked with caring for whilst the four guardians plot to destroy Pretty Cure and Shiny Luminous. Circulas often will scold them, talking sternly to them, whereas Uraganos just goes into a blind rage, and Viblis, like Regine did, simply screams at them. Baldez has almost zero interaction with them, as unlike his predecessor Belzei Gertrude, he is off focusing on the links between the energies of light and dark. They end their sentences with "-zakenna".

The taller Zakenna is voiced by Taki Satoshi (滝知史?), while the shorter one is voiced by Komatsu Rika (小松里歌?).

List of Zakennas in Futari wa Pretty Cure

Image Possessing Summoned by Defeated with
FwPC01 FwPC01 Roller Coaster Zakenna.png Roller Coaster Pisard Marble Screw
FwPC02 FwPC02 Zakenna Vacuum.png Vacuum Cleaner Pisard Marble Screw
FwPC03 FwPC03 - Vaulting Horses.png
FwPC03 Baskeball Zakenna.png
FwPC03 - Zakenna curtain.png

Basketballs, Gym Mats and Curtain

Pisard Marble Screw
FwPC04 FwPC04 Zakenna Horseback.png Statues and paintings, objects in paintings (Art Museum) Pisard Marble Screw
FwPC06 FwPC06 Zakenna-possessed bear.png Bear Gekidrago (off-screen) Rainbow Therapy
FwPC07 FwPC07 Zakenna-possessed Vice-Principal.png Kometsuki Kyouto Gekidrago Marble Screw
FwPC08 FwPC08 Gekidrago fused with Zakenna-possessed tree.png Fusion with Gekidrago and Tree Gekidrago (off-screen) Marble Screw
FwPC09 FwPC09 Zakenna Anatomy model.png Human Body Model Gekidrago Marble Screw
FwPC11 FwPC11 Gekidrago in his final form.jpg Aquarium Animals

and Fusion of Gekidrago with Shark, Manta Ray and Moray Eel

Gekidrago (Aquarium Animals off-screen)

(Fusion on screen)

Marble Screw
FwPC12 FwPC12 Zakenna-possessed parkgoers.png Crowd Poisony Rainbow Therapy
FwPC13 FwPC13 Zakenna-possessed science project.png Honoka's Science Fair Diagram Poisony Marble Screw
FwPC14 FwPC14 Zakenna-possessed construction vehicles.png Wrecking Ball and Excavator Poisony Marble Screw
FwPC15 FwPC15 Zakenna-possessed armor.png Samurai Armors Poisony Rainbow Therapy
FwPC16 FwPC16 Zakenna that possessed the shadow of Yuka.png Odajima Yuka's Shadow Poisony Marble Screw
FwPC17 FwPC17 Zakenna-possessed worm and centipede.png Earthworm and Centipede Poisony (earthworm on screen)

(Centipede off-screen)

Marble Screw
FwPC22 FwPC22 -56- White finds the projector.png
FwPC22 -48- Scorpius forms.png
FwPC22 -47- Serpens forms.png
Star Projector and Scorpius and Serpent Constellation Models Ilkubo (off-screen) Marble Screw
FwPC25 FwPC25 -48- Ilkubo full-body.png Fusion of Ilkubo-Zakenna Ilkubo and The Evil King (off-screen) Evil King's Power
FwPC28 Zakenna28.png Mannequins Regine (off-screen) Burst of Regine's Energy
FwPC29 Zakenna29.png Electric Meter Belzei Gertrude Marble Screw
FwPC31 Zakenna31.png Trucks Juna Rainbow Storm
FwPC32 Zakenna32.png Brontosaurus Statue at Theme Park Regine (off-screen) Rainbow Storm
FwPC34 Zakenna34.png Piano Regine Rainbow Storm
FwPC35 Zakenna35.png Chestnuts Juna (off-screen) Marble Screw
FwPC37 Zakenna37.png Knight Costumes from Verone's Romeo & Juliet Production Juna (off-screen) Rainbow Storm
FwPC38 Zakenna38.png Computers Regine Rainbow Storm
FwPC42 Zakenna42.png Tornado, train and unknown Juna (Tornado on screen) Juna Regine

Belzei Gertrude

(Train and Unknown off-screen)

Rainbow Storm(Off Screen)
FwPC44 Zakenna44.png Snowman Belzei Gertrude (off-screen 1st time)

(On Screen 2nd time)

Rainbow Storm
Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
FwPCMH01 FwPCMH01 Traffic Zakenna.png Traffic Lights and Road Signs Remaining Dotsuku Zone Energy Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH02 MH.Zakenna02.png Rocks Circulas Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH03 MH.Zakenna03.png Rose with Bushes Circulas (off-screen) Marble Screw Max
MH.Zakenna04.png Statue of a Rooster Circulas(off-screen) Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH06 MH.Zakenna06.png Octopus Uraganos (off-screen) Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH07 MH.Zakenna07.png Objects from a Baseball Field Uraganos (off-screen) Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH09 MH.Zakenna09.png Escalator Viblis (off-screen) Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH10 MH.Zakenna10.png Oven Viblis (off-screen) Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH11 MH.Zakenna11.png Electrical Transformer Tower Viblis Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH12 MH.Zakenna12.png Barn, Silo and Hay Bales Baldez Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH13 MH.Zakenna13.png Bridge Circulas Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH14 MH.Zakenna14.png Statue from Outside the Stadium Circulas Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH16 MH.Zakenna16.png Statue of Tomorrow Uraganos (off-screen) Marble Screw Max
FwPCMH17 MH.Zakenna17.png Garbage Uraganos (off-screen) Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH18 MH.Zakenna18.png Garbage and Pollution Uraganos Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH19 MH.Zakenna19.png Crystal Hall from Verone Academy Circulas (off-screen) Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH20 MH.Zakenna20.png Log Cabin Viblis Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH24 MH.Zakenna24.png Bus Uraganos Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH25 MH.Zakenna25.png Pond Viblis Marble Screw Max Spark(off-screen)
FwPCMH26 MH.Zakenna26.png Lantern, Festival Decorations and Candles Viblis Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH27 MH.Zakenna27.png Tractor Viblis Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH28 MH.Zakenna28.png Cicada Circulas Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH29 MH.Zakenna29.png Park Playground Uraganos Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH31 MH.Zakenna31.png Football Players Uraganos
Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH32 MH.Zakenna32.png Fire from Barbecue Viblis Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH33 MH.Zakenna33.png Soccer Ball Dispenser and Soccer balls Uraganos Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH34 MH.Zakenna34.png Toad Costume Uraganos Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH35 MH.Zakenna35.png Tiger Uraganos Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH36 MH.Zakenna36.png Park Swing Viblis Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH37 LX-Subs Futari wa Precure Max Heart 37 HI10P AAC 640x480 833EAEC5 1 0001.jpg Crow Masks, Costumes and Crow Tengu Uraganos Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH38 LX-Subs Futari wa Precure Max Heart 38 HI10P AAC 640x480 179FC00A 1 0001.jpg Tetrapods Circulas Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH39 MH.Zakenna39.png Nagisa's and Verone Girl's Lacrosse Equipment Circulas Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH41 LX-Subs Futari wa Precure Max Heart 41 HI10P AAC 640x480 D0362B9D 1 0001.jpg Lights from the Stadium Baldez Extreme Luminario
FwPCMH42 LX-Subs Futari wa Precure Max Heart 42 HI10P AAC 640x480 FAE32139 1 0001.jpg Icicles and Ice on the Ground Baldez Uraganos


Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH43 MH.Zakenna43.png School objects Viblis (off-screen) Marble Screw Max Spark
FwPCMH44 MH.Zakenna44.png Dried Leaves Circulas Marble Screw Max Spark
Movie Zakkena bat.png Bats Dark Witch Unknown
Movie Zakenna.Snowman.jpg Snowman Freezen & Frozen Marble Screw Max
Movie Zakenna.Entrance.jpg Collapsed Entrance Freezen & Frozen Unknown
PCAS DX Zakenna plane.jpg Plane Fusion (off-screen) Double Pretty Cure Kick
PCAS DX3 Zakenna dinosaur.png Dinosaur Unknown Unknown


  • Toei Animation's U.S. Pretty Cure site refers to Zakenna as "Zakennar" in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart's summary.
  • The Zakenna butlers are the first monsters to be capable of human speech.


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