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Zetsuborg (ゼツボーグ Zetsubōgu?) are the main monsters in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. They are created when the Three Musketeers trap people into the Gate of Despair, which takes away the victim's dream. When they are defeated by the first three Cures or by group attacks, they say "Dreaming...." However, when Cure Scarlet purifies them, they say "Burning...."


Zetsuborgs are bipedal and have a giant black lock with a red light glowing from the keyhole in front of it. Their actual bodies take on an appearance related to the victim's dream. Their base forms have dark red bodies.

In episode 13, Zetsuborgs with red locks and a light purple eye were introduced. These are created after Twilight uses her Dress Up Key to unlock the lock the general has before they summon the Zetsuborg.

When Lock powers himself up, he gains a new lock with red horns on it. Those have a glowing yellow eye and red horns as well. Shut also used one.

The Zetsuborgs Stop & Freeze summon have two locks that attach to each other, each with a glowing green eye. Shut can summon these as well with his upgraded lock.

In episode 40, it is revealed that Dyspear can summon Metsuborgs, her own versions of them, using a special lock with horns that look similar to those on her headdress. They have a single red eye and can be purified once their body is destroyed. She usually summons them in attempts to stop the Cures from restoring the rainbows of the four palaces.

List of Zetsuborg

Image Possessing Summoned by Defeated with Origin
Book Zetsuborg
Picture Book Close Floral Tourbillon Nanase Yui, whose dream was to become a children's book author.
Soccer Trophy Close Mermaid Ripple A soccer player whose dream is to be top scorer in a match and win a trophy.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (03)
Judo Shut Mermaid Ripple A boy whose dream is to win first place in a judo match.
Close With a Another Zetsuborg
Karate Close Floral Tourbillon Another boy, though it's unknown what his dream was.
Close With a Another Zetsuborg (04)
Camera Close Floral Tourbillon A woman, though it's unknown what her dream was. (Most likely a photographer)
This Episode's Zetsuborg (04)
Fashion model Close Twinkle Humming A teenage model whose dream is to win a beauty pageant.
This episodes Zetsuborg ep 5
Math Teacher Close Twinkle Humming A young boy whose dream is to become a math teacher.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (06)
Baseball Lock Floral Tourbillon A boy whose dream is to become a professional baseball player.
GPPC07's Zetsuborg
Tennis Shut Floral Tourbillon Aihara Yuuki, whose dream is to become a top tennis player.
Oven Lock Floral Tourbillon A girl whose dream is to win a baking competition.
GPPC09's Zetsuborg
Camera Close Mermaid Ripple A man whose dream is to become a horror movie director.
This Episode's Dysborg (10)
Windmill Close Floral Tourbillon
Mermaid Ripple
Twinkle Humming
From the dreams of all of the graduate students of Noble Academy who had them etched on its walls.
Pink Zetsuborg ep 11
Knight Unknown Unknown Unknown
Blue Zetsuborg ep 11
Knight Unknown Mermaid Ripple Unknown
Yellow Zetsuborg ep 11
Knight Unknown Twinkle Humming Unknown
This Episode's Dysperg (12)
Donut Shut Trinity Lumiere Ichijo Ranko, whose dream is to become a top idol.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (13)
Violin Shut Trinity Lumiere Minami's teacher, whose dream is to become a violin teacher.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (14)
Dorayaki Shut Trinity Lumiere Haruka's family, whose dream is for Haruka to achieve her dream of being a princess.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (15)
Butler Lock Trinity Lumiere A butler named Oikawa, whose dream is to serve his master.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (16)
Whale Lock Trinity Lumiere Minami's older brother, Kaido Wataru, whose dream is to interact with others through the sea.
This Episode's Second Zetsuborg (16)
Octopus Shut Trinity Lumiere A booth owner, whose dream is unknown.
This Episode's Zetsuborg Double
Mother and Daughter Shut Trinity Lumiere Kirara's mother Amanogawa Stella, whose dream is to walk the runway with her daughter.
Rice Cooker Shut Trinity Explosion A cooker, whose dream is to share her rice with children.
GPPC23 Crystal Lock Phoenix Blaze Mochizuki Yume, whose dream is to fulfill the dreams of children.
Fashion Director Lock Phoenix Blaze Kirara's assistant, whose dream is to Kirara see on all of the covers of the magazines.
Fire hose Shut Phoenix Blaze A volunteer firefighter, whose dream is to keep protecting the town from fires.
GPPC26 Cicada Shut Phoenix Blaze A cicada, whose dream is to fly freely.
Cheerleaders Shut Trinity Explosion
Phoenix Blaze
Yuuki's fangirls, whose dream is to cheer him on during his tennis matches.
Picture book Lock Phoenix Blaze Nanase Yui, whose dream is to become a children's book author.
Flower Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir Komori Hanae, whose dream is to be a flower arranger.
Episode 32's Zetsuborg
A gentleman Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir Ijuin Kimimaro, whose dream is to walk alongside Minami.
Episode 33's Zersuborg
Shark, Eel, and Puffer fish Shut Éclat Espoir A trio of black cats, whose dream is to enjoy some fish
Makeup Artist Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir Kirara's makeup artist, whose dream is to make other girls pretty
Doll Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir A little girl, whose dream is to become a princess
Penguin Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir Kitakaze Asuka, whose dream is to know more about the ocean.
GPPC37 Zetsuborg
Film Director Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir Furuya Riko, whose dream is to be a film director.
The other Zetsuborg of episode 37
Romeo Stop & Freeze Éclat Espoir Hirano Kenta, whose dream is to be a great actor.
Shut with his Zetsuborg
Robot Shut Éclat Espoir Unknown
Dyspear's Zetsuborg
Dyspear's clone Dyspear Grand Printemps None; created by Dyspear's lock without the use of a victim's dream.
Episode 41's Zetsuborg
Sketchpad Stop & Freeze Grand Printemps Nanase Yui, whose new dream is to paint a book about those who protect dreams.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (42)
Model Stop & Freeze Grand Printemps Akehoshi Karin, whose dream is to be on the same stage as Kirara.
First zetsuborg of episode 43
Chef Stop & Freeze Twinkle Humming A chef, whose dream is unknown.
This Episode's Zetsuborg
Dyspear's clone Dyspear Grand Printemps None; created by Dyspear's lock without the use of a victim's dream.
Episode 44's Zetsuborg
Chalkboard Shut Grand Printemps Zama-sensei, whose dream is to support all student's dreams.
This Episode's Zetsuborg (13) (45 episode)
Turtle Shut Grand Printemps None, created by Dyspear's lock without the use of a victim's dream.
The Cures and Kanata got caught
Butterfly Dyspear Grand Printemps None, created by Dyspear's lock without the use of a victim's dream.
Chara06 chara 06
Parfait Warp Twinkle Humming Unknown
Movie zetsuborg 2
Dancers Warp Unknown Unknown
Movie zetsuborg 3
Judges Warp freeing the victim From the pumpkin fairy
Movie zetsuborg 4
Pumpkin Knights Warp freeing the victim From the pumpkin fairy
Movie Pumpkin Warriors Night Pumpkin Unknown Unknown
Dream stars Zetsuborg
Scissors, Paperclips and Staplers Kiinu Emerald Reincarnation Unknown


  • Their name is a hybrid between Zetsubō (Despair) and Cyborg.
    • However, the name of Dyspear's Metsuborgs is most likely a hybrid of 滅 Metsu (Destroy/Destruction) and Cyborg.
  • When the Zetsuborgs are purified, their light fades away in a way in which it looks like they are closing their eye and they say "Dreaming...".
  • Like the Jikochuu and the Saiark, they are created without fusing objects. 
  • They are voiced by Nakatsukasa Takayuki
  • Each of the commanders use their names when they trap people's dreams. Close says "Close Your Dream! Go Zetsuborg!" (ク ロ ー ズ・ユア・ドリーム! いけゼ ツ ボ ー グ Kurōzu yua dorīmu! ike zetsubōgu), Shut says "Shut Your Dream! Go Zetsuborg!" (シャット・ユア・ドリーム! いけゼ ツ ボ ー グ Shatto yua dorīmu! ike zetsubōgu) and Lock says "Lock Your Dream! Go Zetsuborg!"(ロック・ユア・ドリーム! いけゼ ツ ボ ー グ Rokku yua dorīmu! ike zetsubōgu)
    • Stop & Freeze say theirs together by saying "Stop..." "Freeze..." "...your dream!" 
  • There were two Zetsuborgs created from one person in episode 17.
  • Shut used a cicada to create a Zetsuborg in episode 26, making it the first animal to become one.
  • There were three Zetsuborgs created in episode 27.
  • Yui is the only victim who fought back against the Zetsuborg from the inside, immobilizing it and allowing the Cures to defeat it.
  • Like the Desertrians and the Jikochuu, the person they took over gets paralyzed or goes into an unconsciousness state when healed.

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